Stripe Faux Suede Fabric

A muted tone for any season, take home this Dusty Rose Heavy Scuba Knit Suede. This unique neoprene presents an ultra soft, brushed suede-like face unlike any other. As a fashion weight neoprene, it is thin and presents a flexible drape. A stretch through the weft makes it ideal for leggings, fitted jackets, avant-garde dresses and more! Medium weight and opaque, a lining is optional. Note that this knit is 0.8mm thick.

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Standard weight faux suede fabric is our middle, and most popular weighted faux suede fabric. Weighing 280-420g/m, this faux suede fabric is  a perfect simulation of genuine suede.

Sometimes referred to ‘suedette’ or ‘imitation suede’, our standard faux suede is super soft and extremely versatile. The weight of this faux suede means the fabric can be used across a wide range of products. From heavy duty upholstery and curtains to luxury pet beds, gym beams and car upholstery, as well as soft furnishing and fashion, there isn’t much this faux suede doesn’t lend itself to. Home sewing machines find this faux suede weight easy to work with and crafters have no problem sewing this fabric by hand. With such high quality, and our widest colour range, it’s no wonder our standard faux suede is our best-selling fabric.

Faux suede is made from 100% polyester making a versatile and durable fabric, which can be easily washed at 40 degrees or wiped down.


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